Support Q&A

Support for themes:

Here are some of the basic questions and their answers. Hope you’ll find ’em helpful. Please consider these questions before contacting.

Q.  How to apply this theme?

A. After downloading goto Menu>Applications>Gallery>Memory Card>Themes>Ubuntu Pink & hit ok to apply this theme.

Q. I’m unable to apply this theme, what should I do now?

A. There shouldn’t be enough free space on your phone. To free space on your phone delete some items from your phone memory then re-apply this theme.

Q. My device shows “Unable to apply this theme” or “Theme corrupted”.

A. This theme could be incompatible with your device or there could me problem with the package you’ve downloaded. To fix this re-download the theme again from Nokia Store with above link.

Q. I’ve re-downloaded this theme but still it isn’t working.

A. There could be problem with my package, you can contact me in accordance with this theme at I’ll repair & upload new package as early as possible.

Q. This theme doesn’t shows clock on home screen/ desktop. What’s the matter?

A. To have clock on your home screen/desktop you’ve to re-start your phone. If problem is fixed its good & if problem isn’t fixed contact me.

Comments are allowed & any further support will be provided via e-mail.


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